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Tire Sealant for Car and Motorcycle Tires

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Tire Sealant for Car and Motorcycle Tires
Lagos, Shomolu,
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Supplier of puncture free tire sealant, the tire sealant is produced with 100% natural materials. It's safe to tires, without corrosion and rusted. You can DIY a tube tire to a tubeless tire with this product.

Long lasting effect for around 12 months, easy to clean up with water as well as anti-freezing. Sizes available at 350ml, 500ml, 800ml and 1000ml each bottle.

Small talk about tire sealant:-

Frequently drive your vehicel across rough road? Trouble to change flat tires after hitting a hard object or going over some metal debris? Why not apply a bottle of Careway tire sealant in your tires? A product with fibrous liquid that cover the interior of the tire. It is quite convenience to use.

How does the liquid sealant work?:-

Tire sealant is a liquid item that coats the inside of the tire with the excess puddling inside. If the tire is flat, the escaping air carries the sealant out via the hole and the sealant fibers create a plug layer. Driving with the punctured tire allows the sealant to flow into and plug the holes.

How to apply tire sealant?:-

Deflate the tire, shake thoroughly the tire sealant for a few seconds, inject recommended amount sealant into the tire through the valve stem, inflate the tire to a standard pressure. Then drive the vehicle for a few minutes.
Be sure to check the pressure and balance the tires after applying tire sealant. Do not drive it in a high speed(over 100km/h).

Limitations of Tire Sealant:-

Please Note—some sealants in the market work only with tubeless tires and cannot be used for inner tube tires. Please read the instruction carefully before applying it.

Tire Sealant with Rubber Particle:-

1. It is made of organic polymer materials, which is neutral and is of no corrosion to metals or rubber.
2. Added one time into the tire and Stops up to 60 leakages.
3. It can cover the breach within 6mm.
4. Good leveling to automatically seek-out the leakage in seconds.
5. No volatile, non-flammable, anti-freezing. Long lasting effect.

Package: 1000ml/pc; 24pcs/ctn; 750ctns/20'FCL.
MOQ: 6000pcs
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